My new Norwegian home, Rauland

Foto: Silvia Lawrence

People often ask me how I ended up living in a log cabin in the mountains of Rauland, and my only real answer is: kind of by accident! 

Foto: Silvia Lawrence
Foto: Silvia Lawrence


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After finishing university. I spent five years living and traveling abroad, but eventually I wanted to settle down and find a home again. The only problem was, I didn’t really want to go back my home in the U.S. But my mother is from Bø and I have Norwegian citizenship through her, so my boyfriend and I decided to move to Norway.

We first moved to Trondheim, but I never quite loved it. But then after writing a blog post about a weekend I had spent at my grandmother’s cabin in Rauland someone from Visit Rauland contacted me asking if   I would be interested in spending the winter here.

Accommodation in Rauland

"Rauland it's a lovely place to live...

Foto: Silvia Lawrence

...and apparently a hard place to leave." 

Foto: Silvia Lawrence

Not the only one who loves Rauland

I had only planned to stay in Rauland until Easter. But somehow Easter became the summer, summer became autumn, and now I’ve started to think about my future here in terms of years, not months. It’s a lovely place to live, and apparently a hard place to leave.

And I don’t seem to be the only one who loves Rauland. While I was traveling I documented my adventures on my travel blog, Heart My Backpack. I wrote about visiting countries like Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, backpacking solo through Iran, and sneaking into Europe’s drug capital in Lazarat, Albania.

So I figured when I moved to a sleepy town in the Norwegian mountains people would stop reading. But instead my blog has only grown here, which I think is a testament to how special a place Rauland really is. I love sharing photos and stories from this idyllic setting, and I love finding new adventures to go on here to take those photos and make those stories.

Hiking suggestion in Rauland

Hiking suggestion in Telemark

Foto: Silvia Lawrence
Foto: Silvia Lawrence

Discover Telemark, my new Norwegian home

Whenever the sun comes out over Rauland I pack my camera and a thermos of hot chocolate in my backpack for another mountain hike - I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of these views! I love standing above the treeline and looking out towards Hardangervidda. In fact, while I’ve been living in Rauland for nine months now, I’ve barely explored anywhere else in Telemark, because I’ve had so much to do here.

And so my goal for the coming months is to find ways to see more of Telemark and discover more about my new Norwegian home.

By Silvia Lawrence- Heart My Backpack